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Real Talk with Drone Deer Recovery | DDR Podcast 016

Real Talk with Drone Deer Recovery | DDR Podcast 016

This week's episode of the Drone Discovery podcast is a wild ride, taking listeners from the heart-pounding experience of a lost pet to the exciting world of agricultural drones. Join Mike and Kevin as they share:

  • A real-life drone pet recovery story: Mike recounts the nerve-wracking experience of losing his French Bulldog and the unexpected turn of events that led to his rescue thanks to a helpful neighbor and, of course, a drone. This personal story highlights the potential of drone technology in reuniting lost pets with their families.

  • Ag drones: More than just big toys: The conversation dives into the world of agricultural drones, exploring their capabilities and potential to revolutionize farming practices. From spraying vast fields efficiently to analyzing herd health, these drones offer a glimpse into the future of sustainable agriculture.

  • Behind the scenes at the Harrisburg Sportsman Show: Mike and Kevin share their experiences at the recent Harrisburg Sportsman Show, including unexpected encounters with a PA Game Commissioner and discussions about the diverse applications of drone technology beyond pet recovery and agriculture.

  • A glimpse into the future: The episode concludes with a tantalizing hint about an upcoming video featuring the T40 drone doing something never seen before on YouTube. This leaves listeners eagerly anticipating the next installment.

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