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Thermal Drones

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Tip #1

All Pilots Are Commercially Licensed

All pilots on our platform have a Commercial Drone License issued by the FAA. Don't risk working with an illegal unlicensed drone pilot.

Tip #2

Look for the "DDR Approved Drone"

The "DDR" Approved Drone is a designation applied to pilots that fly the Matrice 30T - the best thermal drone commercially available. There are also pilots flying smaller, less capable drones.

Tip #3

Don't Pay Before Pilot Arrives

To avoid the possibility of fraud - don't pay for a service before the drone pilot arrives onsite.

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What's the big deal about drones?

Thermal Drones Revolutionize Wildlife Conservation

With the help of thermal drones, thousands of deer are being recovered that would otherwise have been forever lost. *when flown by a skilled pilot. Unlike dogs that push wildlife in the course of tracking a deer, a drone locates a carcass from 400ft without disturbing wildlife.

See the Difference

Thermal cameras help find wildlife like a moth to a flame. You really have to to see it to believe it.

Here's how it works:

  1. From 400ft, perform grid searches of surrounding area with the thermal camera. In most environments it's possible to search over 400 acres per hour.
  2. Switch to Zoom camera to identify the deer and confirm if it is the buck being searched for.
  3. Drop a pin and recover another buck that may have never been found otherwise.

Normal Camera

Thermal Camera


The best of both worlds!

Thermal and 200X Zoom

Thermal can help you quickly track and 200x can help you confirm! With our drones, we give you everything you need to be successful.


200x Zoom


5-35 minutes

Average Search Time*


Success Rate Locating a Fatally Shot Deer That Hasn't Been Pushed*


Wildlife Harassment*

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