Don’t  Lose Another Deer

If you don’t get a clean kill - hire a thermal drone pilot to recover your deer.

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Hire a thermal drone pilot in your area.

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Never miss harvesting another Buck

Never miss harvesting another deer. If you don’t get a clean kill, we’ll help find your deer with our thermal drones.

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Don't miss out on another deer. Let's do this.

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The Benefits of Drone Deer Recovery

We’ll find and identify your buck from 400ft without disturbing any of the wildlife on your property.

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Frequently Asked Questions

01How long can you find a deer after it has been shot?

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This depends on many variables including temperature & weather. While it's impossible to say in your specific case, deer have been recovered with drones up to 48 hours after being shot.

02How can you tell if it is the deer I shot?

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We have a 200x zoom camera on the drone that lets us identify the deer from high in the sky. Read about the equipment we use.

03Can you see through trees with leaves?

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Heavy trees can block visibility. It's still possible to locate deer, but the process can take longer.

04I have other questions not answered here

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Check out our complete FAQ page.

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We record many recoveries, and regularly post to our social media channels.
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