Our Mission

Train Lead and Educate


Our mission is to help, lead and educate drone pilots wanting to create a sidegig business or a fulltime career out of flying drones. 

We specialize in thermal drones, and started a nationwide movement to use thermal drones in the recovery of a carcass. 

Through NuWay Ag, we also train agricultural drone pilots and teach the logistics of flying a drone as well as the business side to Agricultural drones. 

Our Story

Having Grown up Amish, Mike isn't who you would expect to be leading a drone revolution in the Thermal Drone Space. As people of Faith, we believe God gave Mike the dream that sparked the beginning of Drone Deer Recovery.

Pushing for Legal Progress

Our Impact

We're proud to be leading an industry - part of our work is to bring education and awareness to both lawmakers and hunters.

We get excited about

Thermal and Agricultural Drones

Drones are our jam. Thermal and agricultural drones to be specific.

We love everything about drones - flying them, we love the technology - we love teaching others how to build businesses flying drones.

Seriously - isn't it like a dream that you could make six figures a year flying drones? We think so.

Media Requests

If you are working on a story or want a comment, please email kevin@dronedeerrecovery.com

Our Mission

Lead - Guide - Educate

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