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Are you an avid hunter or tech enthusiast looking to combine your passion for the outdoors with cutting-edge technology? Our comprehensive how-to guide is your gateway to starting a successful business in helping fellow hunters locate deer using state-of-the-art thermal drones.

Inspired by the expertise and success stories shared on, our guide walks you through the essential steps to become a certified thermal drone pilot for deer recovery. From navigating regulatory requirements to mastering the intricacies of thermal imaging technology, we've got you covered.

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Would you be able to pay off debt, save up for college or that downpayment on your first home? And what if you could earn that $50K doing something fun, like helping hunters recover deer or rescuing lost pets?That's the opportunity standing before in starting your own drone deer recovery business.

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This 60+ page guide includes everything you need to know about starting your own drone business! Below are some of the chapters included and further information.

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