Proposed DJI Ban | DDR Podcast 017

Proposed DJI Ban | DDR Podcast 017

This episode of the Drone Deeper podcast dives into the latest news and exciting developments in the drone industry, with a focus on both the challenges and triumphs of drone use.

Hot Topic: Proposed DJI Ban

  • The conversation opens with the proposed bill banning DJI drones in the US. Mike and Kevin discuss the potential impact on drone users, including hobbyists and professionals in agriculture.
  • They emphasize the importance of staying informed and taking action, such as contacting state representatives to voice concerns.

Drone Deer Recovery Update

  • The good news! The University of Missouri is taking steps to allow drone deer recovery, potentially starting in the 2024 season.
  • This is a significant development for hunters who can benefit from this technology in recovering lost game.

New Website and User-Friendly Features

  • The Drone Deer Recovery website is getting a revamp! The new features will allow users to easily update their profile information and manage their recovery requests.
  • This update reflects the team's commitment to providing a smooth and efficient user experience.

Agricultural Drone Market: Soaring High

  • The podcast explores the booming agricultural drone market, highlighting its potential to revolutionize farming practices.
  • From multispectral scanning to targeted pesticide application, drones offer exciting possibilities for increased efficiency and sustainability in agriculture.

Sharing the Knowledge and Building the Community

  • Mike emphasizes the importance of knowledge sharing and community building within the drone industry.
  • He encourages listeners to reach out, share their experiences, and learn from each other.

Looking Forward to the Next Season

  • Both Mike and Kevin express optimism for the upcoming drone deer recovery season, anticipating continued growth and success.
  • They share valuable insights from their own experiences, acknowledging both successes and learning opportunities.
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