nuWay Ag Drone Trailer w/ Tanks & Plumbing

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The nuWay Ag Drone Trailer is a professionally designed & manufactured drone spray trailer. 

The nuWay Ag Drone Trailer Flight w/ Tanks & Plumbing features a single-piece composite flight deck and a 1,000 gallon tank and a 175 gallon inductor tank below. It is fully plumbed and includes the electrical wiring for convenient charging on the flight deck. This product does not include the DJI generators, but they can be installed for you if ordered separately. 



Pickup in at our HQ in Dundee, Ohio or we'll set up transportation to you.

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Professionally Built

Manufactured and assembled in Sugarcreek Ohio by a trailer manufacturer with experience producing thousands of trailers per year. Includes a one-year warranty for manufacturer defects.

Manufacturer Warranty

Includes a one year manufacturer warranty for protection against defects. Feel confident in your purchase with the added protection of a one year manufacturer warranty against defects.

Exclusively Available

The NuWay Ag Drone Trailer is exclusively available from NuWay Ag and Drone Deer Recovery.

Designed to Cover Acres

For serious spray drone operations: The best Spray Drone Trailer for DJI T40's.

Dual T40 Charger/Cooling Stations

Embedded into the flight deck, the dual charging stations charge 2 flight batteries simultaneously.

Designed for two T40's

Everything from chargers, generators, to flight deck has been designed for the DJI Agras T40.

Dual DJI D12000iE generators

No other generator currently available can match the charging speed of this DJI generator allowing you to reach maximum charging efficiency.

Liquid Storage

The large 1,000 gallon tank lets you spray around 500 acres between refills. Moving liquid from one tank to the other or to the top flight deck is as easy as opening up valves.

Single-piece Composite Flight Deck

The top flight deck, a single piece of composite material, is strong and pressure-spray resistant.

nuWay Ag Drone Trailer w/ Tanks & Plumbing

In 2023 we sprayed tens of thousands of acres, and got increasingly frustrated with our drone trailer. The design didn't make any sense to us - so we set out to design a better trailer. From beginning to end it was designed for easy use and maximum efficiency.

It's the only drone trailer available that has a composite top deck that combines strength with lightness. A single-piece composite material spans the entire 32ft length, eliminating the weight and potential damage from powerwashing chemicals that wood decks are susceptible to.
With a 32ft flight deck, two integrated charging hubs, and a high quality hose reel, this trailer is designed for two Agras T40 drones and two DJI 12000i generators, making battery swapping and charging a breeze.

After a frustrating experience using another trailer to spray over 11,000 acres last year, we decided to design and build the trailer we would want to use for our own operation.

Mike Yoder

Product Specs

Designed for peak efficiency. Manufactured to withstand tough environments.

The Agras T40 is the best spray drone available and the NuWay Ag Drone Trailer is the trailer to match. It's been specifically designed for the DJI Agras T40 and the DJI generators.

This trailer is for the pilots planning to cover tons of acres.


22' Heavy Duty Deckover Trailer

Axle Capacity

14,000lb axle from dual 7,000lb axles

Trailer Length

22' Base
32' Flight Deck
extends 6' over front and 4' over back.

Trailer Height

13.4' to top of upper railing.


1,000 Gallon holding Tank
175 Gallon Induction tank for easy mixing


Fully Plumbed Easily move liquid between two tanks and the upper flight deck nozzle.


Honda GX 160 attached to chemical pump for easy to start 4-stroke engine w/ low noise levels.

Bottom Deck

Traditional Wood Decking


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Our Start with Ag

Invested in Ag Drones

We bought a XAG P100, and after a few months of use (that felt like a banging our head against a wall) we bought a DJI Agras T40 and quickly fell in love with how easy it was to use, especially when compared with drones we had been testing.

It was what XAG was missing - the a combination of strong hadware with really slick software.

Our First Ag Season

11,000 acres

In our first season, our team sprayed 11,000 acres in just 24 days.

We bought what we thought was a top-of-the-line trailer setup and wanted to like it, but very quickly it become a very frustrating experience.

It felt like it had been designed by a trailer manufacturer, not a custom applicator with real-world experience.

Planning for our next Season

Design Starts

Immediately after finishing up the season, we started brainstorming what the ideal spray trailer would actually look and function like.

We spent tens of thousands of dollars working alongside custom weld shops to design the spray trailer that would want to use.

The 2024 Season

Production Begins

In January 2024 we partner with a established trailer manufacturer that has produced hundreds of thousands of trailers over the last decade.

After working through final details, in March of 2024 production of one trailer a week begins.

With the help of our manufacturing partner, we can quickly scale up to meet demand. We're excited for the future.