DJI Agras T40 NuWay Ag Complete Kit

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DJI Agras T40 NuWay Ag Complete Kit

Get the complete T40 Ag drone kit - with exactly the loadout Mike and our team use for our spraying operation.

DJI Agras T40 Drone and Remote Controller
Agras T40 Cooling Station
DJI Agras D12000iE Generator/Charger
DJI Agras D12000i Extension Cord
3 DJI T40 Intelligent Flight Batteries
DJI WB37 Battery Charging Hub
2 WB37 Remote Controller Batteries
DJI Portable 100W Battery/Remote Charger

Get the complete drone kit - along with all of the accessories you need. This is the exact setup you see Mike use in the videos.

Agras T40

Product Specs

The Agras T40 is the best spray drone on the market - hands down. We've flown other drones, and really wanted to like them, including the XAG P100, and none compare to this workhorse.

One of the main benefits is the seamless way that software and hardware are integrated. Software is every bit as important as hardware when it comes to spraying thousands of acres. That's where the DJI shine. Nobody else has software that comes close.

When you add the DJI generators for fast recharging, and a spray trailer built for efficiency - that's when the productivity can really be unleashed.

Drone Weight

75lbs without a load


Spraying (liquids) & Spreading (dry particles)

Remote Controller

7" Remote Controller

Maximum Capacity

152lbs (weight) or 10 Gallons (volume)

Max Flight Time

10 Minutes (fully loaded and actively spraying)

Battery Charge Time

8 Minutes (with the DJI 12000i Generator)

Safety Features

Smart Obstacle Avoidance (detect and re-route around obsticles)

Real world in-person Training Included

Come to our HQ in Dundee Ohio, and participate a day of training where you get comfortable operating your agricultural drone with a season pilot guiding you every step of the way. FREE and included with your purchase. Trainings are typically held every week, and kept to small groups so the trainer can spend 1-1 time answering questions.

Agras T40

The best Agricultural Drone Available

Spraying & Seeding

Simply swap out the included liquid sprayer for a spreader, and use the drone for applications like cover crop. Spreader is available as an add-on.

Powerful Lifting Capacity

Load with up to 10 Gallons or 152lbs.

Anti-Collision Sensors

Anti-collision sensors detect obstacles in the path and assist with automatic route suggestions to continue spraying.


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