Thermal Drone Search For Buck Shot With Crossbow

Thermal Drone Search For Buck Shot With Crossbow

Sometimes, even the best shots don't lead to a clean recovery. That's where Drone Deer Recovery steps in. Armed with cutting-edge drone technology and a passion for what they do, they help hunters locate their wounded quarry.

In this recent vlog, Mike gets an urgent call. A hunter's son took a shot the night before and tracked the deer for about 200 yards before losing the blood trail. With rain clouds on the horizon, time is of the essence.

Mike races out, teams up with a subcontractor, and they put two drones in the air. This dynamic team covers ground quickly, using thermal imaging to locate wildlife hidden from the naked eye. But will they find the buck in time?

Spoiler alert: The buck isn't where they expect, and the search continues. But with dedication like this, it's clear Drone Deer Recovery won't stop until they've done everything in their power to help a fellow hunter.

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