It’s Gonna Be Wild, Craziest Day Ever Drone Deer Recovery

It’s Gonna Be Wild, Craziest Day Ever Drone Deer Recovery

Drone Deer Recovery's latest vlog highlights how hunters benefit from thermal drones even in seemingly straightforward hunts. The technology finds what hunters miss, whether it's a buck hidden in plain sight or a wounded deer that has incredibly survived what should have been a fatal shot.

Here are a few key takeaways from the vlog:

  • Even experienced hunters benefit: The hunters we saw had been tracking deer for years but needed the drone's help to successfully find their targets.
  • Not just for lost deer: Drones quickly locate injured deer that are still alive, offering a chance for a humane kill and preventing suffering.
  • Unexpected discoveries: The vlog reveals incredibly resilient deer and shows the surprising places they take cover, even when badly wounded.

If you're a hunter, these vlog excerpts show the benefits of this technology.

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