Not Really Dead

Not Really Dead

A hunter named Nick had been tracking a particularly hardy buck – one that had survived an earlier injury. When the chance came for a second shot, things were different. We were called in to help recover the deer, and what happened next was a lesson in both perseverance and respect.

The Search and A Unique Find

Using thermal imaging from the drone, we spotted what we were sure was a downed deer. But as we got closer…this deer, despite a fatal injury, was still clinging to life. It was an intense experience for everyone. We made the tough call to simply wait nearby, paying our quiet respects to the animal as it passed.

The Importance of Closure

We're all about those successful recoveries, but the reality is that things don't always go that way. This wasn't just about bringing the deer back – it was about closing the loop. Ensuring the buck didn't suffer endlessly out in the woods. That's the responsibility every hunter carries. Even in a difficult moment, Nick acted ethically.

Lessons Learned

As for us, well, next time a situation like this arises, we're definitely consulting the game warden first! It's the smart and responsible move to determine the best, and most legal, course of action for everyone involved - including the animal.

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