Show Season Excitement! Join Us at Expos to Explore Drone Innovations | DDR Podcast 012

Show Season Excitement! Join Us at Expos to Explore Drone Innovations | DDR Podcast 012

Buckle up for an exciting journey as they take you behind the scenes of Drone Deer Recovery's expo preparations and delve into the world of drone technology.

Expo Adventures:

  • Mike and Kevin are gearing up for their expo tour, starting with the ATA show in St. Louis, Missouri. They emphasize the importance of networking and connecting with like-minded individuals at these events.
  • Witness the evolution of Drone Deer Recovery firsthand! They showcase their impressive booth setup, a stark contrast to the humble table they used at their very first expo.

Helping, Leading, and Educating:

  • More than just selling merchandise, Mike and Kevin prioritize education. They aim to raise awareness about the ethical and responsible use of drone technology in the hunting and agricultural industries.
  • Seeing is believing! Mike emphasizes the difference between experiencing drones virtually and witnessing their capabilities firsthand. This is why they believe attending expos is crucial for potential customers.

New DJI Drone on the Horizon:

  • Kevin excitedly shares news about the newly announced DJI Flight Chaparral 30 drone, ideal for carrying heavy payloads in mountainous regions. This opens up new possibilities for diverse applications beyond hunting and agriculture.

Agricultural Drone Revolution:

  • The conversation shifts to the booming agricultural drone industry. Mike and Kevin acknowledge the challenges of meeting the high demand for thermal drones, particularly during peak hunting season.
  • They hint at a game-changing collaboration with a major manufacturer to address these production limitations and ensure consistent availability for their customers.

Finding the Perfect Drone for You:

  • Mike addresses the concerns of viewers who haven't achieved the same financial success he experienced with drone deer recovery. He emphasizes the importance of choosing the right geographic location with sufficient demand for this service.
  • He encourages individuals to consider their passion for flying and helping others, not just the potential income, when entering this field.

Transparency and Guidance:

  • Recognizing the increased competition in the market, Mike and Kevin offer valuable advice for those considering starting a drone business. They recommend researching deer population statistics, competitor presence, and local pricing to build a realistic financial model.
  • Exciting news! A free curriculum is in the works to equip aspiring drone entrepreneurs with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions.
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