Comments and Questions | DDR Podcast 013

Comments and Questions | DDR Podcast 013

This week, we're taking a slightly different approach and diving into the exciting (and slightly exhausting) world of trade shows. We recently attended two major industry events: the ATA Show and the massive SHOT Show.

SHOT Show: A Mind-Blowing Experience

The SHOT Show was an absolute game-changer for us. The sheer scale of the event was incredible, with countless companies showcasing the latest and greatest in hunting and shooting technology. It was truly mind-blowing, and while we didn't see many drones specifically geared towards deer recovery, we did encounter some fascinating innovations:

  • Low-light scope: This revolutionary scope allows you to see virtually in the dark, without needing any additional light source.
  • Tethered drone: This unique concept offers a "moving cell tower," essentially a tethered drone that can provide internet connectivity in remote areas for extended periods.

Competition and Collaboration in the Drone Industry

While the SHOT Show showcased a diverse range of products, we couldn't help but notice one thing: the growing competition in the drone industry. Seeing so many companies offering similar products made us wonder, is there enough room for everyone?

We believe the answer is yes. The market for thermal drones, especially in the hunting and agricultural sectors, is vast and continues to grow. While competition is inevitable, it's crucial to remember that undercutting prices just to win business isn't sustainable in the long run. We advocate for fair pricing and exceptional customer service to truly thrive in this exciting industry.

Growing the Pie: Expanding Drone Use and Education

At Drone Deer Recovery, we're passionate about promoting the responsible and safe use of drones. We recently shifted our focus from having our own licensed operators in every state to creating a platform where other licensed pilots can advertise their services. This decision stemmed from the belief that the pie is big enough for everyone. By collaborating and working together, we can grow the entire industry and ensure everyone has access to ethical and reliable drone services.

Part 107: Why It Matters for Drone Pilots

As the industry evolves, regulations become increasingly important. One crucial aspect is the FAA Part 107 certification. This qualification is essential for anyone offering commercial drone services. Earning your Part 107 not only allows you to operate legally but also provides valuable knowledge about airspace regulations, making you a more informed and responsible pilot. We encourage all aspiring drone pilots to consider obtaining their Part 107 certification.

Advocating for the Industry: Pushing Forward

We understand that navigating the legalities surrounding drone usage can be complex. This is why we actively participate in industry events and engage in discussions with lawmakers. We believe in the potential of drone technology and are committed to advocating for its responsible and safe use across various sectors.

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