Legal Issues with Drone Deer Recovery | DDR Podcast 011

Legal Issues with Drone Deer Recovery | DDR Podcast 011

This week's episode of the Drone Deer Recovery podcast dives deep into the legal battles surrounding drone use for deer recovery in Pennsylvania. We chat with Dallas, a Pennsylvania thermal drone pilot, who shares his experiences and frustrations with the current situation.

What's the Buzz in Pennsylvania?

Dallas describes the inconsistency he faces with game wardens. One warden approves his drone use for recovery, while another sets up a sting operation to take away his drone! This lack of clarity and inconsistency is causing major headaches for both pilots and hunters.

Louisiana: More Than Meets the Eye

The podcast also discusses a recent news story from Louisiana involving a drone pilot, a hunter, and a dog tracker. While the initial reports painted a negative picture, the full story reveals a different scenario. The hunter, after ethically shooting a deer, used a drone to locate the injured animal and contacted the wardens. However, due to miscommunication and unclear regulations, the situation escalated, resulting in citations for all three parties involved.

Stay Informed, Stay Engaged

The Drone Deer Recovery podcast is committed to keeping you informed about the latest developments in drone use for deer recovery. We encourage you to stay engaged, fight for your rights, and use this technology responsibly.

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