Live: PA Update | DDR Podcast Episode 018

Live: PA Update | DDR Podcast Episode 018

This episode of the Drone Deer Recovery Podcast dives into the recent legal controversy surrounding drone deer recovery in Pennsylvania.

Here's a quick catch-up:

  • A judge in Pennsylvania ruled that using drones to recover deer after dark is illegal.
  • This ruling has caused confusion and frustration, as many hunters rely on drones to find their game, especially at night.
  • The podcast hosts, Mike and Kevin, believe this is an outdated regulation that doesn't consider the new technology of drones.

But there's also positive news!

  • Missouri recently became one of the first states to update its laws to allow drone deer recovery with regulations.
  • This is a big win for responsible drone use and highlights the growing acceptance of this technology in the hunting community.

The episode also covers:

  • The ongoing lawsuit in Michigan regarding drone deer recovery.
  • The exciting world of agricultural drones and their potential applications.
  • Upcoming live training events for those interested in learning more about flying agricultural drones.

Feeling lost in the legal maze? Don't worry, the podcast clarifies the situation and offers insights into the future of drone deer recovery.

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