Can You Really Be a Full-Time Drone Pilot? | DDR Podcast 14

Can You Really Be a Full-Time Drone Pilot? | DDR Podcast 14

This week on the podcast, Kevin is joined by Austin, not Mike! But fear not, the episode is still packed with interesting stories and fun conversation.

A Blast from the Past: How Deer Hunter Ignited a Hunting Passion:

Ever wonder how Austin became the drone-wielding deer recovery expert he is today? Look no further than Kevin and a childhood classic: Deer Hunter! Austin shares how this game sparked his interest in hunting, a passion that continues to fuel his adventures today.

The Thrill of the Hunt (and the Tech Behind It):

Get ready for some adrenaline-pumping tales! Austin dives deep into the world of drone deer recovery, sharing the exhilarating moments of success and the unexpected challenges that come with the territory. He also sheds light on the fascinating technology that allows him to navigate the skies and assist hunters in retrieving their harvest.

From Paintbrushes to Propellers: A Career Change Story:

Austin also opens up about his incredible journey from being a painter to becoming a full-time drone pilot. It wasn't always easy, but through hard work and a chance encounter with Kevin, Austin found a new path that merges his passion for technology with the outdoors.

Gratitude, Faith, and the Power of Chance Encounters:

As the episode winds down, Kevin and Austin take a moment to express their heartfelt gratitude for the opportunities that have come their way. They reflect on the serendipitous circumstances that brought them together, highlighting the importance of faith and the power of unexpected connections.

Want to learn how drones are used in hunting? Tune in to the Drone Deer Recovery Podcast and get the inside scoop!

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