DB2000 Intelligent Flight Battery

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Product Specs

Simply The Best Thermal Drone Available

The FlyCart 30 Kit is a versatile and powerful drone that is perfect for a wide range of tasks. Whether you're working in construction, hunting, or simply exploring the skies, this drone will make your job easier. With its advanced features and durable design, the FlyCart 30 is the perfect tool for any expert looking to take their work to new heights.


Drone Range

Rated for 9.3 Miles (3 miles is more realistic for many environments)


48MP Zoom &12MP Wide Camera (3840×2160 video)


640x512 thermal resolution


IP55 Rating (Can fly in rain, snow & wind up to 50 mph)

Max Flight Time

41 Minutes (30 minutes is a normal flight time - it's best practice to land with 15% battery life)

Zoom Camera

200X zoom (Clearly identify a deer from 400ft without disturbing it)

Video Training Included

20+ training and setup videos are included FREE. Follow along as Mike explains how to setup and use your new equipment. If you'd like to opt for some in-person training, check out available dates for our live training events here.

FlyCart 30

Full of Industry-leading Tech

Powerful Spotlight w/ 8,000 Lumens

The JZ T60 Spotlight casts a light beam powerful enough to illuminate the ground from 400ft.

Non-stop batteries

8 batteries are included to allow you to fly this drone nonstop - you can charge them faster than you can fly them.

Three Powerful Cameras

Use the thermal camera to identify heat signatures, and then the 200X zoom camera to punch in and identify an animal from 400ft.

All weather

Fly in all weather - snow, rain and up to 50mph winds

Easy to Fly

Anti-collision sensors on every side assist you with safe flights, making this an easy drone to learn for beginners.

Normal Camera

Thermal Camera


Thermal Camera

200X Zoom Camera



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DJI Matrice 30T

DJI Matrice 30T

Integrated Cameras

Wide Camera, Thermal Camera & 200x Zoom Camera

Wide Camera, Thermal Camera & 200x Zoom Camera

Hardcover carrying case
Extra Props and Accessories
Charging Case
Remote Controller Batteries
Flight Batteries
DJI Care

One Year of DJI Care Worry Free Basic

One Year of DJI Care Worry Free Basic


20+ Training Videos taught by Mike

20+ Training Videos taught by Mike