Why Can’t The Drone Find This Buck

Why Can’t The Drone Find This Buck

We got a call from a hunter who thought he might have hit a buck, but wasn't entirely sure. With the overcast weather, it seemed like the perfect day to deploy the trusty thermal drone and see if we could find the big guy. The hunt started off promising - the area was small and filled with potential. But then, things got interesting...

We spotted tons of deer - does, bucks, you name it! The drone footage is incredible, you'll see deer everywhere (spoiler alert: there might even be a few surprise cameos!). But the question remains: did we find the buck the hunter was looking for?

Well, you'll have to watch the vlog to see how it all unfolds! Let's just say there were some close calls, some head-scratchers, and maybe even a goofy buck or two.

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