Neighbor Starts Shooting at My Drone

Neighbor Starts Shooting at My Drone

Buck down? Not so fast! Join Drone Deer Recovery on a thrilling mission using thermal imaging drones to track a wounded deer. This isn't your average hunt – will Mike's high-tech gear find the buck, or will the night take an unexpected turn?

Here's a sneak peek:

  • The Call of the Buck: Mike gets a late-night request to help a young hunter find his prized buck.
  • Hit or Miss? The crew analyzes the shot placement and blood trail, but the signs aren't clear.
  • Taking Flight: Equipped with drones and night vision, Mike sets off to scour the woods. Will the thermal cameras reveal the buck's hiding spot?
  • Surprise Encounter: The mission takes a wild turn when things go bump (or should we say, BANG!) in the night.

Did the drone team find the buck? Did the neighbor have a case of mistaken identity? Watch the full vlog to find out!

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