Talking about Drone getting seized 

Talking about Drone getting seized 

Drone technology has revolutionized deer recovery, but a recent incident shows the legal waters are still murky. A state game warden seized a pilot's drone after he was hired to help a hunter find a lost deer – even though no charges were filed.

This situation raises questions. If recovering a deer carcass is part of the hunt, and legal hunting hours have ended, how is a pilot supposed to help without breaking the law?

What the Game Commission Claims

Wardens insist that using a drone at night is an illegal electronic aid for hunting. But think about this – flashlights are also electronic aids, and they're legal for recovering deer even after dark. This seems contradictory and raises concerns about inconsistent law enforcement.

The Hunting Community Needs Clarity

This isn't a battle against the game commission. It's about working with them for clear, consistent rules allowing hunters and pilots to recover lost animals ethically.

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