Deer Recovery on Halloween Night

Deer Recovery on Halloween Night

Sometimes, the thrill of the hunt is only the beginning. After the shot has been fired, a new set of skills comes into play. Tracking, respect for the animal, and a commitment to finding a downed deer are all part of a responsible hunter's code.

But what happens when the blood trail runs dry and darkness falls? Technology can step in where our senses fall short. In the vlog, we explore how drones with thermal cameras are changing the game for deer recovery.

It's Not Just About the Kill

Drone Deer Recovery highlights something truly important – recovery teams aren't just focused on the trophy antlers. Successfully recovering a wounded deer is about:

  • Ethics: Ensuring the animal doesn't suffer needlessly.
  • Respect: Honoring the animal's life by utilizing its meat.
  • Conservation: Potentially preventing the spread of disease in a wounded animal.



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