Mike and Madison Search for Vanishing Buck!

Mike and Madison Search for Vanishing Buck!

We recently got a call about a wounded buck, shot with a bow and arrow. It was a textbook broadside shot, a hit that should be fatal. Our pilot, Madison, flew out the previous night and found the buck. It was still alive, but down and clearly in pain.

A Puzzling Recovery

This morning, Madison and I went back out to confirm it was dead...and that's where things get weird. The buck was gone. No blood trail, no sign of a struggle, nothing. It seemed impossible, given the arrow hit.

Naturally, we broadened the search area. The thermal drone makes this easier, but it was still like looking for a needle in a haystack full of other deer.

So, what happened to this buck?

Honestly, we still don't know for sure! Here are some of our theories:

  • Miraculous Recovery: It's possible the wound wasn't as bad as it looked, and the buck is out there healing.
  • Poaching: Someone else found the buck...let's just say it's not the kind of 'recovery' we specialize in.
  • The Long Walk: Even badly wounded, deer can move surprising distances. It could be way further out than we suspect.

The Search Continues (Sort Of)

For this recovery, we're kind of at a standstill. The hunter doesn't want to risk bumping the deer if it's still alive and in the area. But, if you're interested in stories like this (and learning how to use drone technology for deer recovery!), make sure to subscribe to the channel!

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