NY DEC Lawyer Calls Drone Deer Recovery

NY DEC Lawyer Calls Drone Deer Recovery

This vlog takes you on a call with a New York state lawyer about using drones to find lost carcasses. It gets interesting (and a little heated) as we try to untangle the legalese and fight for the future of drone recovery!

Did they try to clip our wings? Let's just say the law might be stuck in the stone age when it comes to drones. But fear not, fellow hunters! We're not backing down without a fight.

This is where YOU come in! We need your help to show the world (and some stubborn lawmakers) that drone recovery is a game-changer for ethical hunting and conservation. Think petitions, think making some noise! We'll show you how in the video description below.

Plus, there's a bonus round! We chat about the potential dangers of this tech falling into the wrong hands. Spoiler alert: it's not all sunshine and rainbows, but there are ways to make sure it's used for good. Stay tuned!

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