Drone Deer Can’t Find Shot Buck

Drone Deer Can’t Find Shot Buck

It's another beautiful morning for Mike, the Drone Deer Recovery guru. But this mission has a twist - he doesn't have an exact location for the buck! Will Mike's trusty drone and thermal camera be enough to navigate the deer-filled fields and find the missing buck for the hunter?

This vlog is jam-packed with:

  • Close calls with wildlife: We're not just talking deer! You won't believe the HUGE flock of turkeys Mike spots from the air.
  • Drone tech tips: Learn how Mike uses his fancy drone for search and rescue, and why two batteries are essential.
  • Deer, deer everywhere! But is one of them the buck the hunter is looking for? Can Mike sort through the herd with his eagle-eye drone?
  • A cliffhanger ending! Did Mike find the buck? You'll have to watch the vlog to find out!

Head over to the Youtube channel to see if Mike's drone skills save the day (or should we say, deer season?) for the hunter! Don't forget to subscribe for more epic drone adventures!

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