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Let’s  Recover  your  deer

Hire us to recover your deer with our drones.

Step 1

Text (or call) 866-871-0017
Include address, when you shot the deer, and when you would like to recover
Our team usually respond within minutes but when there's lots of requests it may take a few hours.
We'll text an estimate to your phone so you know exactly what it will cost.
See if our team is available

Step 2

Operator is Dispatched
Well text you the operators phone number so you can communicate directly with him.
You pay the operator - he'll give you his payment options.
You meet him on-site
+ $100 for successful locating deer
+ $1/mile for locations where operator has to travel beyond 60 miles round trip.
We'll text you a link after you complete the form below

Step 3

Operator meets you and launch the drone
You sign the legal waiver confirming you have shot a deer
We locate the deer carcass
Take a photo and tell your friends!

Confirm Availability

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Let's find that deer

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