Buck Recovered Days After Shot

Buck Recovered Days After Shot

It was a hectic one for the crew, with calls flooding in and multiple hunters needing help finding their deer. The night started off strong with Dennis, a subcontractor, finding his first buck quickly. But things escalated quickly as more calls came in and the team scrambled to cover ground.

Join the crew as they use thermal drones to navigate rough terrain and thick brush, searching for deer in the darkness. See the excitement firsthand as they locate a giant buck hidden in a remote location.

This vlog doesn't reveal every twist and turn, but it offers a glimpse into the fast-paced world of drone deer recovery. You'll see the dedication of the crew, the challenges they face, and the thrill of finding a trophy buck for a grateful hunter.

So, grab a seat, hit play, and see if Drone Deer Recovery can find all the lost deer on this chaotic night!

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