Pennsylvania Elk Recovered with Thermal Drone, Part 1

Pennsylvania Elk Recovered with Thermal Drone, Part 1

Have you ever heard of a thermal drone? It's basically a high-tech night vision camera that can spot animals through darkness or obstacles like trees. In this episode, we join Mike and his buddy Dallas on a thrilling mission to use a thermal drone to track down escaped elk!

The call comes in: a bunch of elk have busted out of their enclosure and the farm owner needs help rounding them up. With the sun setting, time is of the essence. Can Mike and Dallas use their trusty thermal drone to find the elk before nightfall? Will the elk be spooked by the drone? And just how wild will this night get?

This video is only part one of the story! Tune in next time to see if they manage to herd the elk back home. In the meantime, you can head over to the Drone Deer Recovery Channel website to learn more about thermal drones and see if you can win a complete drone deer recovery kit!

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