Mike Has a Tough Night of Recoveries

Mike Has a Tough Night of Recoveries

Hold onto your hats, folks, because this week's episode of Drone Deer Recovery is a wild one!

We join Mike, the drone master himself, on a mission to help a young hunter track down a BIG buck on a surprisingly small property. The challenge? A questionable shot and a determined deer who vanished without a trace.

The night is full of twists and turns:

  • A coyote acting suspicious? ️‍♂️ Could this furry friend be the key to finding the missing buck?
  • Train tracks, darkness, and the ultimate test of focus. Will Mike be able to keep his eye on the prize (the drone, not the train!) and locate the deer?
  • The great bacon shake debate. Is this a culinary masterpiece or a monstrosity? You decide!

Will they find the buck? Will Mike survive the night without a bacon shake hangover? Tune in to find out!

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