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Lost Bloodhound Found Using Thermal Drone

Lost Bloodhound Found Using Thermal Drone

Mike with Drone Deer Recovery is on his way to Tennessee to try and help a guy find his lost blood tracking dog. The man called him and asked if he would be available to come and try to find the dog, as the dog got away from him yesterday and he feels like it's hung up in trees somewhere. Mike and his team are detouring to see if they can help find the dog. On their way, Mike mentions that the weather is not ideal, as the sun is beating down on the trees and could affect the thermals.

Once they arrive, Mike and his team start their search for the dog. They plan to use the speaker on the drone and play the sound of a siren to see if the dog will howl. Despite the unfavorable weather conditions, they are determined to find the dog. Mike says that in a situation like this, you're still going to look. After some searching, they finally find the dog and Mike expresses his gratitude.

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