Driving a 1000 miles to get to The Great American Outdoor Show

Driving a 1000 miles to get to The Great American Outdoor Show

Get ready for an inside look at Mike and Landon's recent journey from Arkansas to the epic Harrisburg Sportsman Show.


The Kick-Off

These guys started their day bright and early, kicking off their trip with some duck and goose hunting back in Arkansas. We don't want to spoil the fun, but if you haven't checked out that video, get on it!

17 Hours and Counting

Now, buckle up because this trip wasn't for the faint of heart. Mike and Landon faced a grueling (but oh-so-worth-it!) 17-hour drive. We're talking gas stops, push-up sessions to get the blood flowing, and finally... reaching the Harrisburg Sportsman Show.

The Bucky's Experience

Along the way, these intrepid travelers had their first experience with the legendary Bucky's gas station. Think extravagance, huge sandwiches, and a true taste of Americana!

Arrival and Appreciation

After hours on the road (think around 17!) and a crazy battle with traffic, Mike and Landon finally arrived. They were filled with gratitude for safe travels and the opportunity to be there.


The Harrisburg Sportsman Show was buzzing with excitement. Mike and Landon were pumped to share their passion for deer recovery and showcase the incredible insights their drone footage provides. From analyzing shot placement to truly understanding deer behavior, their work is changing the game.

Fan Encounters

The best part of any show? Meeting amazing people! Mike and Landon had a blast connecting with fans and fellow outdoor enthusiasts.

Wrapping Up

The show might be over, but the adventure continues! We'll leave it to you to find out what Mike and Landon get up to next. Stay tuned for their vlog and join them on this wild ride.

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