Buck Shot in Neck Found using Thermal Drone

Buck Shot in Neck Found using Thermal Drone

This week's Drone Deer Recovery mission, we head out with Mike and Jason on a call for a potentially lost deer, and things get crazier than a buck in the headlights.

Is it Alive or Not? We find the deer (or something spiky!) with the drone, but the situation takes a wild turn. Was the hunter's aim a little off? Did this buck dodge a bullet (or arrow)? We won't spoil the surprise!

Drone Saves the Day (Maybe?) See the power of drone technology in action as Mike and Jason use their thermal imaging to track the deer. Will their high-tech gear lead them to a successful recovery, or will this buck become a mystery of the woods?

"Wellness Checks" and Hunter Pranks Mike introduces a new term: "wellness checks." We also get a glimpse into the lighthearted world of drone deer recovery with a friendly hunter prank. Will Mo get the last laugh, or will the joke be on him?

This Week's Must-See Drone Deer Recovery! Don't miss this episode packed with drama, suspense, and maybe even a little deer therapy. Head over to the YouTube channel to watch the full video and see this incredible story!

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