Drone Deer Recovery’s Herd Analysis and Its Application Elsewhere

Drone Deer Recovery’s Herd Analysis and Its Application Elsewhere

Here at Drone Deer Recovery, we have made great strides in revolutionizing the hunting industry, employing state-of-the-art drone technology to locate and recover injured or deceased deer. Recently, we’ve developed a ground-breaking service using our drones; herd analysis. Our herd analysis allows hunters and private landowners to gain incredible insight into, and information on, the deer population within their land. We’re able to determine the doe-buck ratio of your deer population and the overall health of your deer population. This has helped hunters and landowners to remain informed on the condition of their herds and allow for informed decisions on future hunting practices. This game-changing service could also enable the monitoring of deer populations to detect and measure disease levels among deer populations, such as tracking the spread of Chronic Wasting Disease, something that has recently become increasingly widespread among deer populations.

How Herd Analysis Works

Our Drone Deer Recovery operators use $14,000 drones equipped with military-grade advanced imaging technology, and thermal cameras, to capture high-resolution aerial images of deer herds. In doing so our operators then analyse and identify the individual deer within the herd, and calculate how many doe-buck there are within the entire herd. The proceeding data is then provided to the customer. A herd analysis can be carried out in any weather or light conditions, as our operators are equipped with thermal imaging cameras and night-vision. Additionally, if the herd is located deep within the surrounding forestry, we’re also able to easily locate them through their heat signatures. Recently, our operators conducted a herd analysis, in which it was determined that there were 32 Doe to 13 Buck. For the acreage of the property, this was far too many, therefore our operators were then equipped with the information that would allow them in the future to manage that population effectively to keep it healthy.

Benefits of Herd Analysis

The use of drones for deer recovery has proven to be a far more effective and ethical tool than traditional methods; our drones are flown at 400ft, meaning that the surrounding wildlife is left undisturbed. This benefit is even more profound when considering herd analysis. Deer are unlikely to stick around when disturbed by a hunter or landowner on foot, who is attempting to conduct an in-person analysis, making it extremely difficult and unreliable for this to be done. However, our drones allow our operators to safely and quietly conduct an analysis of the entire herd on your property without disturbing them or causing them to flee. Therefore, you’ll painlessly and efficiently receive the data that you want, without causing you or the deer any hassle. It is always important to limit the chance of your deer herd fleeing, as this not only prevents an analysis but also risks causing them to flee onto neighboring properties.

Herd analysis also has significant implications for hunters. By analyzing deer population dynamics can help hunters better understand the movements and habits of the deer population, which can improve the chance of a successful hunt in the future. More importantly, herd analysis can help hunters avoid areas where the deer population is struggling, whilst utilizing locations where the population has grown out of control, contributing to sustainable hunting practices and ensuring that future generations of hunters can enjoy the sport.

Applications of Herd Analysis

This is ground-breaking stuff, and we’ve only just started! This technology can be applied to a wide range of wildlife management scenarios, including tracking the movements of endangered species, monitoring the health of livestock herds, and even managing invasive species that might be threatening your deer population. In each of these scenarios, our advanced herd analysis can provide valuable insight into animal behavior and population dynamics, which can help managers make more informed decisions about how to protect, manage or conserve animal populations across the United States. With the help of our trained, experienced, and licensed drone operators, this technology can be applied to many agricultural and wildlife industries outside of deer hunting; revolutionizing the animal management sector.


Drone Deer Recovery’s herd analysis has revolutionized the way we manage and conserve deer populations. By providing detailed insight into the conditions and ratios of animal populations, this technology can help customers make more informed decisions about their hunting practices, conservation efforts, and more. It is increasingly apparent that this service can be utilized by wildlife organizations, agricultural farmers, landowners, and hunters alike. All of these would benefit from the accurate and detailed information that our operators can provide at a moment's notice. With the efficiency, accuracy, and speed of our herd analysis, it has never been easier to conduct a herd analysis of your deer or animal population. We’re available all throughout the United States to provide this ground-breaking service that saves you both time and money.

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