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*Guest Pilot* He Refuses to Give Up | DDR Podcast 004

*Guest Pilot* He Refuses to Give Up | DDR Podcast 004

In this episode, host Mike welcomes Dennis, a local subcontractor who recently joined the team. They share incredible stories about their experiences using drones to recover deer for hunters.

Here's a taste of what you'll hear:

  • Dennis's journey: From watching Mike on YouTube to becoming a drone pilot himself.
  • The "wild season": The challenges and excitement of a busy season with countless recovery missions.
  • Incredible resilience: Stories of deer surviving seemingly fatal injuries, highlighting the power of nature.
  • The unexpected: Finding deer shot by unknown hunters and even recovering carcasses for another hunter by chance.
  • Tech talk: Discussing the importance of having the right equipment, including dealing with software glitches and replacing malfunctioning lights.
  • Beyond deer recovery: Dennis's interest in exploring other applications for drones, like agriculture.
  • A glimpse into Dennis's life: His love for technology, his pack of dogs, and his experience flying paramotors.

This episode is packed with:

  • Humor and engaging conversation: Mike and Dennis's banter keeps the conversation light and enjoyable.
  • Fascinating stories: You'll be amazed by the resilience of deer and the incredible finds Dennis has encountered.
  • Valuable insights: Learn about the challenges and rewards of drone deer recovery, and even pick up some tips.

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