Drone Deer in Universities?! | DDR Podcast 006

Drone Deer in Universities?! | DDR Podcast 006

Growing Pains and Frustration

Mike and Kevin discuss the growing pains of their business, Drone Deer Recovery. They've encountered issues like:

  • Inventory delays: Drone and light orders are stuck in customs, frustrating both them and their customers who are eager to get started.
  • Building a team: As the business grows, they need to delegate tasks, provide training, and establish best practices.
  • Website under construction: The surge in interest has exposed some limitations of their website.


There's Opportunity Everywhere

They discuss the potential for drone use in various industries, including:

  • Search and Rescue
  • Drone Pet Recovery
  • Herd Analysis (helping land managers track wildlife populations)
  • Construction and Roofing (future applications for lifting materials)

The Fight for Ethical Laws

An association is being formed to:

  • Pool resources for lobbying efforts to promote ethical drone use in the hunting industry.
  • Advocate for change regarding outdated laws that restrict the use of drones for recovery.
  • Welcome all stakeholders including hunters and pilots to join the fight for responsible drone use.
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