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Advertise your Thermal Drone Business | DDR Podcast 003

Advertise your Thermal Drone Business | DDR Podcast 003

 Get ready for thrilling stories, industry insights, and a glimpse into the future of drone-assisted recovery.

Episode Highlights:

  • New Website Launch: The long-awaited Drone Deer Recovery website is finally here! This game-changer connects hunters with qualified thermal drone pilots, maximizing recovery success.
  • Helping the Industry Thrive: Mike and Kevin go beyond their own success, aiming to empower other thermal pilots by offering listing opportunities on the new website. This collaborative approach fosters a win-win situation for everyone involved.
  • Bubbler: The Unsponsored Sponsor? The podcast hosts hilariously express their deep affection for the "Bubbler" brand, wishing they could secure sponsorship. Could this be a hint for future collaborations?
  • Unbelievable Footage Incoming: Brace yourselves! Mike teases never-before-seen footage showcasing a buck's fight for survival, highlighting the crucial role of drone recovery in ethical hunting practices.

Beyond the Podcast:

Tired but Driven: The podcast paints a vivid picture of the relentless work ethic behind Drone Deer Recovery. Mike and his team are pushing boundaries, constantly striving to improve and revolutionize the industry.

Ethical Concerns Addressed: The episode acknowledges the importance of responsible drone use, emphasizing ethical considerations and pilot qualifications.

Drone Crash Course: A valuable lesson is learned: invest in good equipment and proper training to avoid costly mishaps. DJI's care program is mentioned as a potential safety net for drone pilots.

Join the Movement: Are you a thermal drone pilot eager to contribute? Head over to and explore the listing options on the newly launched website. Together, let's revolutionize deer recovery and ensure ethical hunting practices in the field.

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