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We have spent hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars learning what works and what doesn't.

Now, we're licensing third-party operators. We'll train, support and send leads to them.

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You could make tens of thousands recovering deer.

We’ll  teach  you  how  and  send  you  leads

Through our licensing program, we will that provides training, support and drives leads to our Certified Drone Deer Recovery operators.

Fill out the form below to get information on benefits and requirements for joining our network.

Benefits of being a licensed Operator for Drone Deer Recovery

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Training and Certification

Get the Training and answers you need to feel confident. Everything from operating a drone to getting your certifications, to the FAA registration and insurance you need to protect your business.

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Ongoing Support

We'll only be successful if you are. To that end, we support you with a large database of videos and walkthroughs, as well as support if you have questions that aren't answered. While we can talk about our experience with state laws, please note that we are not able to offer legal advice as we are not attorneys.

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Marketing and PR

Part of your licensing fee goes right back into social media campaigns in the areas YOU choose. PLUS - thousands of hunters get to know us in our weekly videos. As we grow into a national brand on podcasts and special appearances, Mike promotes our network of licensed operators.

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Leads from the website

Whenever someone requests service, be it through social media, calls or text, our team will connect them with the operator nearest to them. (That's you! for hunters in your area!) 

Become  a  Licensed  Operator

First read the FAQ below, and then fill this out with your details - we'll send you an email with a link to apply. If you have already signed up below - you can start your application process here.

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Schedule a call
If you have questions about our licensing program or want to talk to a human about this opportunity please set up a call with one of our team using this link.

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We often won't be able to answer the phone when you call but you can leave a voicemail or text us. Our team will get back to you within one business day.

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If you have further questions regarding requests or business inquiries

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Frequently Asked Questions

01What is my initial investment? 

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Initial investment is $13,799 + tax for the drone third party accessories, landing pad, and equipment needed to fly non-stop. Our licensing fee is $5,000.

02How many operators will you license in my area?

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In 2023, we are limiting each state to a max of 5 operators. Additionally, once we license an operator, we will not license another one within 50 miles - our goal is to provide coverage to the entire state. Applicants are approved in a first come, first serve basis.

03What Drone Do I need? 

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All of our operators will fly the Matrice 30T. (the best thermal drone commercially available) We are a DJI dealer and sell the entire drone kits, including the third party accessories you'll need. See details here.

04Do you offer financing? 

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Yes - we offer financing on the drone and equipment through Amerifund Inc. They have a very flexible program - where you can finance whatever portion of the loan you want, for terms of 24-60 months. Interest rates depend on your credit score. Apply.

05What is my initial investment? 

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For the 2023 season, we will not charge a percentage of each sale. You keep 100% of what you charge for each recovery. We generate revenue from the initial $5,000 licensing fee, and then will not charge a percentage of the service you provide.

For the 2024 season, we anticipate launching our own Drone Deer Recovery app making it super easy for hunters and operators to connect. Instead of charging another up-front fee for year 2, we'll switch to a revenue split, where we only make a percentage when we generate work for our operators.

06Am I able to charge whatever I want for a recovery?

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No - we will have pricing set per state. All of our operators will offer the same pricing. By default we'll offer the same pricing as what we've done in Ohio. If there's a reason to change, we will consider changing it.

07What am I being licensed for? 

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Deer carcass recovery is the primary service we offer. However we receive missing persons, escaped livestock, missing pet, vermin control and more. We don't take a % of any service that you can provide.

When multiple operators are required, like for herd analysis of big acreage, we will sell the project, coordinate schedules and and pay operators as a subcontractors.

Our future plans include developing an Ag Drone Business. Our existing network of operators will have the first opportunity to become licensed for other services.

08How much can I make in a season?

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That depends a lot on you. Mike made over $50,000 in ten weeks of his first season (2022). In the entire 2022 season Mike did around 100 recoveries. But Mike also worked a ton of hours, worked weekends, etc. It can be a grind. As an independent operator, you get to decide how much you are willing to work.

09Is this only for carcass recovery? What about other services?

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What we are best known for is Drone Deer Recovery, but we are also getting an increasing amount of requests about pet recovery and lost humans. When we get a request like this from your area, we'll refer it to you so you can provide the service.

10Can I share/subcontract the drone with another operator?

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Yes! We actually prefer this. From our perspective it means that when we send you work, we'll get a YES more often than a NO.
When you hire a friend/coworker/employer/father/son to fly some recovery missions for you, we see them as an extension of you. Anything they do is a reflection of you. For example, if they consistently get bad reviews from hunters, then you may be terminated as one of our licensed operators. You must ensure that they have the proper legal licenses and know-how to offer the same great service.
As long as you are sharing use of the same drone, we don't charge an additional fee. The only time we charge an additional fee is if you want to have a second drone. In those cases we can add a separate pin on the map.

11Can you guarantee the number of leads?

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The short answer is no, we can't offer a guarantee. We started with zero social media, zero exposure, and were blown away with hundreds of requests across many different states that we weren't able to fulfill. And that was before the dozens of podcast appearances Mike has made, and before we had the following we have now.
Our core purpose is to make our operators successful, and that's what we commit to. At the end of the day, we'll only be successful if our operators are.

12I live close to state lines - can I offer service in two states?

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Yes. We got many requests to go to neighboring states in our first year and if you live close to state lines you may as well. You can choose to take or not take the jobs. The responsibility to research operating legally in both states is yours.