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We use cutting edge drone technology to find and recovery your deer.
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Step 1

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Click Get Started

Regardless the service you're needing, clicking "Get Started" and filling out the form will contact our team. We will send you a text message or call to gather more info and mobilize the operator in your area.

Step 2

An Operator is Dispatched

We'll get some details on the service you're requesting, our team will dispatch the nearest available licensed drone operator. We'll text you a summary of your invoice which you can sign via text, so there's no surprises.

At this point you'll be given the contact info of the drone operator, so you can communicate directly with him.

Person flying a drone.

Step 3

Man talking on the phone.

We arrive at your location

Travel time depends on where you're located, but our operator will notify you when he's on the way, and coordinate schedules directly with you.

Keep in mind that daytime thermal searches require overcast weather.

Step 4

We recover your deer (or pet, or livestock!)

Once the drone is up in the air, finding your deer can take as little as 60 seconds, but usually not more than 1.5 hours.

In a 2 hour of flight time we can search up to 500 acres.

Our drones has a combination of search lights, night vision & thermal imaging to assist in deer recovery.

Person flying a drone.

Drone Abilities

At Drone Deer Recovery - we fly the best drone and equipment commercially available - so you have the highest chance of locating your deer carcass.

Thermal drone along with it's featuresThermal drone along with it's features
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