30+ Operators
in 15 States

Due to the overwhelming demand - we’ve trained, licensed and equipped 30+ operators to provide the same great service, now in 15 states.

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A message from Mike and the team

Thanks for following along in our first season! We appreciate the support. Here’s what to expect in 2023 for our biggest season yet.

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We Fly the Best Commercially Available Thermal Drone

Many drone recovery companies try to get the job done with a cheaper drone. Read why we don’t try to get the job done with a cheaper drone.

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Why We Don’t Fly Cheaper Drones

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Fly in all weather

Snow, rain or shine - our drones can fly in it all, including up to 50mph wind. Now you don't have to give up on finding your deer because it's pouring rain.

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From our cruising altitude of 400ft (as high as the FAA permits us to fly) we find your deer using a thermal camera, and then identify it using the 200x zoom.

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Fly all day

We always carry our generator, and a full set of batteries, so we can keep our drone flying around the clock - as long as it takes.

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The risk of bumping your buck just isn't worth it. Instead - find him from the sky without ever disturbing him. Gone are the days of bumping him onto the neighbors land.

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Day or night

Thermal drones are effective whenever the sun isn't shining - whether in daytime overcast weather, or at night. During night-searches we can use a spotlight to identify your buck.

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Service, service, service. When your buck is on the line, you want the best - not someone trying to make it work with a cheaper drone.

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It ain't all biscuits and gravy. Conducting effective thermal searches takes experience and training. That's why we provide all of our operators with training. AND - if ever something were to go very very wrong, all of our operators are covered by liability insurance.

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We  Help  Hunters Recover  Downed  Deer

Our team uses state of the art thermal drones to help hunters in recover their deer.

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