How we are selecting operators for our licensing program

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Rewind a few months

A few months ago, when Drone Deer Recovery started gaining popularity on social media and receiving a flood of requests, we knew we had to take action. Currently, our services are only available in Ohio, but we've received so many requests from other states we knew we had to do something.

Investing in media

We plan to keep investing heavily in professional media production - and it's paying off. With a social media following of over 150k across various platforms, we've received hundreds of inquiries from organic content we're producing. It's not cheap or easy to produce content like this but for next season we'll be doubling down to create more content that people will want to watch.

Requirements for Operators

In order to expand our services, we're licensing third-party operators in other states. These operators will fly the same equipment we do - and offer a similar experience to hunters. As a DJI dealer, we sell the entire kits. We'll provide  training and support for questions that come up.

Per State Limits

To began, we are limiting each state to 5 licensed operators. Additionally, we will not be licensing operators in the same immediate area- our goal is to provide coverage to the entire state with those five operators. We are aware that the deer recovery demand requires far more than just 5 operators per state, but we want to make sure we can make our operators successful. As we are able to grow exposure to hunters we may license additional operators to be able to keep up with growing demand. Again, our #1 goal is to make our operators successful by providing an abundance of leads.

Not quite first come first serve

We are not licensing every applicant - we want serious applicants who can dedicate time and resources to this.  In addition, - to ensure the safety of hunters, we require a background check on every applicant. That being said, when you have completed the application process (signed the licensing agreement, passed the background check, paid the licensing fee and been manually approved) your spot will be confirmed, and we will not license other operators in your immediate area.

Our goal is to continue being the #1 name in drone deer recovery. We'll continue investing heavily in media and PR to create more awareness and leads for our operators. In some states, we'll pursue routes to bring education to lawmakers, and work towards the ethical recovery of deer.

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